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ABOUT THE RELAY 1st National Relay for Youth - Believe in your dreams and you CAN make them happen! On April 12th 2015 in Victoria B.C, Steve O’Brien began a Cross Canada Tour to raise awareness for School Perseverance. He crossed every Province using a combination of 12 different ways such as bike, inline skates, long board, pogo stick, wheel chair and cross country skis to name a few.  The tour ended December 8th in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Steve’s next project is the National Relay for Youth which was held on April 28th 2016. The purpose of the relay is to bring everyone together regardless of gender, culture or physical ability.  HERE’S HOW IT WORKS Participants can run, walk, skip, hop, cartwheel, worm or piggyback if you’d like.  Each group can choose how they want to execute their relay, as long as it’s done safely.  Material needed:  2 cones and 1 relay stick.  Measure 100 meters and mark with a cones.  Organize an equal amount of participants at each end and relay the stick back and forth between the cones. EXAMPLE:  You have 50 youth – Each participant completes 100 metres 50 X 100 meters = 5 km Every child is requested to raise a minimum of $1.00 - If they raise more, that’s OK too! 90% of the funds raised will stay with the school or group.  10% is donated to the foundation to fund necessary projects such as musical instruments, food vouchers, sports equipment or art supplies etc. in the area that the funds were raised. Email the total amount of kms to the Foundation.  We will calculate the km of every school or group in your Province. If you have any further questions, please CONTACT US NEWS !! South Africa first to show support for Canada’s First National Relay Day for Youth 28 April 2016 Showing their support to Canada’s first ever National Relay for Youth, an awesome bunch of runners in Pretoria, South Africa, did a solidarity run on Sunday, 24 April 2016. They measured out a 15km route through the quiet streets of Brooklyn and Groenkloof in Pretoria and athletes could then do a single lap (15km), a second lap (30km) or the ultimate 3 lapper, covering 45km. This was part of their final month of training before many of these runners will be taking on the Comrades Marathon, also known as “The Ultimate Human Race”, on the 29th of May. Comrades Marathon is the ultimate test of stamina, endurance and perseverance as runners have to cover 89.2km between Pietermaritzburg and Durban, South Africa and have only 12 hours to do this. The recon was done of the entry forms and the results became available this morning and they did it, they have bettered the 13,225km Steve piled up during his cross-Canada relay for Youth in 2015. A total of 542 runners managed to accumulate 16,401km in one morning at one single event. The Pretoria, South Afirca event in pictures !
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